Large enterprises are using GICs (Global In-house Centers), or “Captive Centers,” to leverage global talent in pursuit of their strategic objectives.


A GIC (Global In-house Center) is a company-owned, off-shore talent platform, that provides strategically integrated business and technology capabilities


A provider of Managed GIC platforms. We bring the strategic benefits of a Global In-house Center to companies of all sizes without the risk or hassle of having to own the platform.

How a Managed GIC Adds Value

Access to Top Talent

Our professional sourcing organization helps you design your team, then applies their sourcing and talent management skills to find, recruit, and on-board the experienced talent you require.

Capacity & Capabilities

Talented resources are then assembled into teams that are guided by client leadership (like a regular GIC), but coached, and trained in effective work styles and behaviors by our professional staff. We help you care for and develop your new strategic off-shore talent platform


About Us

Versitae is a provider of Managed GIC/ Managed Captive Information Technology services.

We are an outsourcing disrupter providing a unique combination of management and sourcing skills to help you create an extension of your team offshore, in our Managed GIC platform, and at an unbelievable cost structure. We value partnership and transparency so much that we will share the cost build up of your captive so you can see exactly where the costs go and how much money we make. Challenge your existing offshore provider to do the same!

Founded in 2017 with partner company Systems Plus, we offer this unique Managed GIC sourcing format providing technology, business, and infrastructure services. This allows companies of all sizes, and in all industries, to set up an offshore center and leverage global talent in ways previously available to only the big guys.

We are new and innovative, but we are also established and trusted. Versitae is a US company formed in 2017 to provide US presence, legal, and banking infrastructure to make it more convenient for our customers to do business. Systems Plus has been providing offshore services to clients for over 30 years, and is our exclusive partner company providing offshore Managed GIC and Captive services from our office in Pune, India since 2009.

The Problem

While searching for more effective outsourcing partnerships, the founding partners became frustrated with the emerging sameness of the offshore outsourcing industry. Large pyramids of inexperienced new graduates, the belief that process can overcome talent, excessive overhead and facilities, and increasing costs didn’t seem to add the value that CIOs were looking for.

The Managed Captive was Born

The idea that we could source experienced technology talent directly and establish a small GIC with big benefits at below market rates seemed too good to be true. But by putting people first, we were able to create a create a win-win for both companies and technology employees. So, Systems Plus began the journey that has become the Managed GIC Sourcing Platform.

The Concept Grew

Over time, more and more companies bought into the concept and established captive operations with Systems Plus. That lead to new office space in Pune, India where today many clients have their strategic offshore Managed GICs. We are home to QA/ Testing teams, Security Operations, Development, Workday, Infrastructure Operations functions, and support teams of some of the world’s more recognized brands.

Versitae was Formed

In 2017, Versitae was formed to provide a US-based presence to help grow the business and make it easier for our customers to do business. Our partner company, Systems Plus, is still providing innovative and Managed GIC operations services. We have the same team, same leadership, but are stronger than ever and poised for growth.

Our values

Our Values

Our Values

Smarter Ways of Doing Things

We think of our Managed Captive offerings as an “extended enterprise” that gives companies a smart option to handle cost effective technology outsourcing at low risk, leaving their key employees as the “owner, thinker, designer, driver” roles. Unlike traditional outsourcing models that want you to give up more and more control, we want you to HAVE more control. That makes you successful. And when you are successful we are successful.

Partnership and Education

We help our clients learn and grow in their knowledge and understanding of the outsourcing model. We believe that if our clients and partners understand more about the sourcing process and how it can drive business value, they will be smarter about how they conduct ALL of their outsourcing business, not just with us.

Trust and Integrity

We believe people need to be valued and respected as individuals. That’s why our business model seeks to employ long-term, high-value employees that can deliver results to their captive client organizations. We give you fully transparent and flexible options for structuring the right Managed Captive cost model for your business needs.

Outsourcing not a “Black Box”

It’s just gigantic companies that have made it that way. These companies employ hundreds of thousands of people in huge organizations that never really understand, or add value to your business. This often leads to a “throw it over the wall” approach that under delivers and costs you more than it should. Our Managed Captive teams bring value to your business with the same passion as your own employees by leveraging the skills and capabilities of experienced people. That is why our value proposition is “Sourcing. The Smarter Way.”

What We Do

Talent Sourcing and Management

Establishing an effective off-shore center is all about the people. That’s why many enterprises are turning away from traditional approaches to outsourcing, and have chosen to establish their own offshore centers which function as seamless extensions of their organization and offer tighter integration and more control over domain knowledge.

Our Managed GIC platform makes the same benefits available to companies of all sizes. Our experienced sourcing and HR team works with you to design the optimal team structure to meet your needs, then applies our expert sourcing capabilities to find, recruit, and on-board experienced resources with the communication skills, and expertise you require. This allows your mGIC to outperform traditional legacy outsourcing with experienced resources, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional legacy off-shoring.

Our talent management solutions then ensure your mGIC platform stays healthy and functions effectively for years to come. We provide on-going training, administration, employee lifecycle management, and associate care to achieve an environment where your team can continue to perform.

With over 10 years of operating the Managed Captive Platform, our HR Harmonization processes coordinate your company processes, policies, values, and mission to ensure your extended team supports not only the tasks you require, but also supports the character, culture, and branding you desire.

Operational Optimization

Once your mGIC is up and running, our involvement doesn’t end there. Our leadership team works closely with your organization to ensure operating health, and to anticipate, and plan for expansion of your team into new technology skills, and value-driving capabilities.

These optimization efforts include org design and cost management, training, and establishing the domain expertise that can drive innovation efforts.

With a Managed GIC, you are never on your own. We are with you every step of the way.

Advanced Clients can Have Their Own Operation

For clients seeking to establish a fully “owned” and operated GIC, we can help. A managed GIC is the perfect way to get started.

We can help clients get up and running faster by first establishing and operating a Managed GIC. Once the client is comfortable with managing their extended team, and when the team achieves the size and scale where it makes sense to internalize, we can apply our “mGIC-to-BOT” methodology to help the client Build, Operate, and Transition their current mGIC to their own captive operation. We guide all aspects of the BOT setup. This approach is the fastest and most cost-effective way to establish your own off-shore presence.

Our value Proposition


  • Experienced,
    Agile Team
  • Longer Retention
  • 30+%
    Cost Savings
  • 100%
  • 100%


  • Inexperienced resources
  • High turnover & retention issues
  • Low Agility
  • Expensive process optimization
  • Low transparency – Black Box model

OUR MANAGED “Global In-House Center” Platform

  • Experienced and dedicated team
  • End-to-end talent management
  • Highly agile team
  • Your tools and processes
  • Full transparency to team and costs


Our solutions

Our Solutions

Our Solutions

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For Companies

Whether you are new to the outsourcing game, or have been at it for years, Versitae Managed Captive and GIC services have a place in your strategic staffing model. We are perfect for all baseline, or ongoing, IT roles. Keep your existing outsourcer, but give us a piece of your business to experience higher quality, more valuable team members, and more experienced staff at a cost savings of 40-50%.

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For Small Businesses

Think you are too small to play in the outsourcing game? Let Versitae help you pool resources with other companies to achieve the scale and cost savings of your own captive center without the risk. Leaving your small IT department able to handle the valuable tasks of growing your business.

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For Government Agency & Non-Profits

Managing administrative costs is essential to maintaining a strong flow through of funds. Let Versitae help by providing lowest total cost of ownership IT services to help fuel your mission. Our values and teams organized as an extension of your organization are the perfect combination.

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For Consulting Firms and Developers

Versitae is the perfect option for consulting firms and product companies to tap the benefits of the off-shore technology market without the risks. Establish design, development, and testing functions in a professionally managed Captive at below contractor rates. Now you can offer your customers cost benefits while growing your margins and services. You look smarter, and your customers are happier!



  • Maximizing Cost Efficiency with Managed GIC

    Outsourcing is a rocky road, if undertaken without care. The key to increasing cost benefit, and reducing internal chaos, is to entrust the setup & operations to an expert. With a model like Managed GIC, the risks are minimized, and benefits easily maximized. Watch Sapan Choksi, CEO, Systems Plus take these issues head on with Eric Gordon, President, Versitae in this engaging webinar.

  • Hybrid SOC : The Managed GIC Way

    Managing your business’s security footprint is imperative today. A Hybrid SOC under the Managed GIC model helps in setting up a robust foundation with seamless integration and continuous optimization of processes. Right from security tool configuration to agent management and provisioning to monitoring processes as per changing technologies, this model gives you an end-to-end solution along with a 50 percent cost saving. Listen in to Eric Gordon, President, Versitae and Sapan Choksi, CEO, Systems+ talk about the nuts and bolts of this arrangement.

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